For over 30 years, the NFSO has provided free annual concerts for Walton and Okaloosa County students with specialized youth-oriented programming and teacher curriculum. This year, the symphony performed the famous Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev, but with a twist! Peter VS. The Wolf was a fun filled show that engaged the audience of students from across the district. 

Here is the synopsis from Justin Locke, composer of Peter VS. The Wolf:  “At last, the Wolf gets his day in court.  The show begins with alarms, bells, and sounds of a police chase, as the Wolf has just escaped from the zoo. He runs into the concert hall, eluding the police chase, and pleads his case with the audience.  He claims he never got a fair trial and proceeds to the audience to tell his side of the story.  The original Prokofiev music and “the narrator’s affidavit”  are presented as evidence of 'duckicide in the first degree, with one gulp,’ but the Wolf proves to be an able defense attorney.  He calls each instrument to the stand and cross-examines them, teaching us a lot about music along the way.”

The Freeport-South Walton Kiwanis Club has graciously sponsored the students in this annual event for a number of years. Because of their gracious contribution, over 500 WCSD students were able to attend the concert just this morning, February 19, on the campus of Northwest Florida State College. Joined by members of the organization, Bill Whitney, South Walton Kiwanis President made a special presentation of $1,000 to help cover transportation expenses for this concert.

Walton County School District is exceedingly appreciative and grateful to Kiwanis for their support in this event, and for all the activities they sponsor in support of the students in this county!