Golden School Awards


The Golden and Silver School Awards are presented annually by the Florida Department of Education to recognize exemplary schools which promote parent and community engagement in education.  Creating environments that are welcoming to parents and the community is a critical factor that affects the success of individual students and the school environment as a whole. 

To receive the award schools must meet specific criteria to include:

  • 80% of the school’s staff is trained in school volunteerism
  • School has a designated volunteer coordinator
  • Total number of volunteer service hours equals or exceeds the number of students enrolled

This year five District schools are receiving this distinction:

Freeport Elementary School                          Kristin Lewis, Principal                    Gay Pannell, Volunteer Coordinator

Maude Saunders Elementary School          Cindy Neale, Principal                     Krisy Spence, Volunteer Coordinator

West DeFuniak Elementary School              Darlene Paul, Principal                   Hope Allen, Volunteer Coordinator

South Walton High School                              Alexis Tibbets, Principal                 Ann Harris, Volunteer Coordinator

Walton High School                                           Janet Currid, Principal                     Brianna Leavins, Volunteer Coordinator