WCSD recently hosted an inservice training developed by the Florida Department of Transportation for Florida Safe Routes to School (bicycle/pedestrian) at the WISE/Carlene Anderson Training Center in DeFuniak Springs.  The purpose of the professional development, led by trainer Caitlyn Cerame, was to train teachers to introduce children to safe pedestrian behaviors and the concept of traffic. The goal is to teach children the necessary skills to be safer pedestrians whether walking to and from school, to the school bus stop, or other common situations.

The training was designed to:

  • Develop knowledge of the most current materials available for teaching bicycle and pedestrian safety skills (curriculum guides, lessons suggestions, equipment, videos) and how to obtain them for use with students. 
  • Learn and demonstrate the life-saving traffic safety skills that can be taught to students. 
  • Create learning outcomes so students will recognize safety rules and procedures for physical activities like walking and biking to school.
  • Help trainers learn to implement curriculum that meets FDOE bike/ped standards for K-5th grade.