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Every month, Mr. A. Russell Hughes, Walton County, Florida Superintendent of Schools, will share a video message with an update on the exciting things happening in the Walton County School District, Walton County, Florida. Check back often to stay informed on all the activities, events and accomplishments of teachers and students in the Walton County School District.
This month's video features Superintendent Hughes sharing his excitement about the upcoming school year at the WCSD EPIC Empowerment Leadership Training Day on August 3, 2018.
Two Walton County School District employees, Dr. Randy Stafford and Mr. Charlie Morse, participated in the first state Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) train the trainer course hosted by PAEC.  Dr. Stafford and Mr. Morse will be providing training to Walton County School District employees as another key piece of keeping our students and staff safe and healthy.  Congratulations for earning this certification to all participants. Submitted by Charlie Morse.

Mossy Head School would like to thank Sacred Heart of the Emerald Coast for their generous donations.  We were overwhelmed by the large amount of supplies that were donated to our school and are grateful for their support of Mossy Head School.  Submitted by Elizabeth Gaither.


What an EPIC Day at WCSD’s EPIC2 Empowerment Leadership Training Day!!! This was truly a day of Excellence, Professionalism, Innovation and Collaboration as teachers, administrators and support staff from all over the District joined together to celebrate our successes, and ignite our drive for #ProgressOnPurpose!!! POP! The District was really POPin' today!

Superintendent Hughes welcomed everyone with stirring comments about the rare value of all those who participate in the educational process of Walton County School District...royalty and family...reflected in the selection of Purple as the color scheme for this year’s event! He shared, “We are an A+ District for the first time since 2014. It didn't just happen...YOU made it happen...through excellence, through innovation, through leadership, through rigor, through challenging children cognitively, knowing they can rise to expectations!" He continued, "It is rare to find teachers and administrators, professionals who love what they do, and who work with the dedication, collaboration and leadership that is found here. We want to treat you all like royalty today!

Special keynote speaker, Erin Gruwell, renowned educator, author and founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation, inspired listeners and instilled a greater desire to really “see” and “know” our students as we strive to do everything possible to help every child succeed.

Over 70 presenters in content and choice sessions provided informative and engaging professional development sessions designed to support the Superintendent's vision for WCSD.

The day closed in a rousing pep rally with prizes, uplifting comments from our Teacher of the Year Joan Kennett, and special thanks by Superintendent Hughes for all those who made the day possible. A surprise visit by Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart capped the day as she challenged us all to encourage each other, and our students as we go through this EPIC new school year!