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Judge W. Howard LaPorte, Ret. of the first Judicial District of Florida, visited Freeport Middle School on October 24th, as part of the Justice Teaching program.  The Justice Teaching Program is a partnership program pairing lawyers and judges with elementary, middle, and high school classes throughout Florida and was created by Florida Supreme Court Justice R. Fred Lewis. FMS students learned about the Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution. Judge LaPorte drew on his experience as a Judge and a practicing attorney to teach students their rights under the law and how these rights were developed following the  Revolutionary War. Students in Mr. Wilkerson’s 6th Grade classes thoroughly enjoyed his visit and the opportunity to ask him questions. Judge LaPorte has been teaching this program at Freeport Middle School for the last 13 years.

Submitted by Chelsea Ellison

Mrs. Fuentes’ class has been learning about the Earth, sun, and stars. As part of their learning, they had a discussion about how Earth’s gravity pulls objects towards the ground. They discovered that gravity is what allows us to be able to stay on the ground and why objects fall. Students were able to use the scientific method when applying what they have learned about gravity to create their own parachutes for their bat or ghost. Students learned that the parachute will only slow down the object’s descent towards the ground and gravity will still pull the object down to the ground.

Submitted by Jessica Dawkins

Pictured left to right: Ariya Holmes, Gracie Nobles, Mia Parish

Pictured: Peyton McLeod

MHS wore orange to show support for bullying prevention. Wednesday, October 24th was Unity Day. Unity Day is an opportunity to make a powerful visual statement that encourages everyone to unite for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Submitted by Elizabeth Gaither

In support of UNITY day, MSE staff and students came together in one giant ORANGE message of hope and support to show that we believe no child should ever experience bullying.  Submitted by Krisy Spence

In recognition of  School Bus Safety Week, MSE students and staff thanked our bus drivers for providing them with a safe ride to and from school and passed out goodie bags to our bus drivers, to show how much we appreciate them.

Submitted by Krisy Spence

Seniors from Walton High School, Freeport High School, and Paxton School gathered at Walton High School to participate in Senior Empowerment Day on Wednesday, October 25, at Walton High School.

Students moved through rotation to different stations where they had the opportunity to interact with representatives from local agencies and professions, post-secondary institutions, military, as well as staff members in an effort to provide them with resources to make good decisions about their post-high school career path. 
Presenters shared information on topics such as banking, cooking, interviewing skills, veterinary medicine, emergency services, fire and rescue, law enforcement, nursing and pharmaceutical, musical theatre, and education.

Special thanks to all those who participated in bringing this resource to our WCSD seniors, and to those who coordinated and collaborated at Walton High School to make it happen! #EPIC2 #ProgressonPurpose





It's National School Bus Safety Week with the theme "My Driver - My Safety Hero!" Walton County School District wishes to extend a special "thank you" to our dedicated school bus drivers, and their diligence in getting our students to and from school safely each day!

WDE Pirate Cruise

October 23, 2018

Second grade students at WDE embarked on an adventure of a lifetime aboard the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise located at HarborWalk Village in Destin. The tour interactively entertained students with sword fights, water gun battles, storytelling, singing, dancing, and treasure hunts.

Submitted by Jessica Dawkins

Mrs. Shelby Child's class

Mrs. Emily Dickey and Mrs. Lela Peyton’s class 


Paxton's National Honor Society has just inducted the newest members to their chapter with their annual ceremony. The students were informed about the characteristics necessary to be an NHS member by the NHS officers (Top Right Picture - L to R): Zach Wilson, Hailee Bryan, Camryn Brazile, and Paiyton Perry) and enjoyed a word of encouragment from their principal, Mrs. Neale. Their sponsors (Wendy Jones and Kalli McMillan) and the rest of the chapter were very happy to welcome the new members.


The new NHS members are (Top Left Picture - L to R): Brianna Wright, Emily Wilson, Tabitha Snow, Hayley Simmons, Harmony Heitger, Dylan Hawkins, and Dylan Corbett.


Club Members (Bottom Picture - L to R): Back Row: Hayley Simmons, Harmony Heitger, Maddie Varnum, Tabitha Snow, Emily Wilson, Brianna Wright, Halie Porter, Camryn Brazile, Paiyton Perry, Hailee Bryan, Caylor Dixon, Hailey Ard, Paige Palmer, Skye Ramsey, Savannah Ard, and Trinity Shedd. Front Row: Zach Wilson, Dylan Hawkins, Philip Anderson, Blaine Johnston, Tristan Petty, Adam Hall, Dylan Corbett, Conner Varnum, and River Mitchem.

Submitted by Kalli McMillan