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The Teen Trendsetters program, sponsored by The Barbara Bush Foundation and funded in part through a grant from the St. Joe Foundation was a huge success for the 2016-2017 school year. Selected Van R. Butler Elementary second grade students were paired with a mentor / tutor student from South Walton High School. Each pair met once a week throughout the school year. An overall gain in student reading Lexile levels of 10,315 points was achieved!  The Elementary and High School participants enjoyed an end of the year celebration of the program's success on Wednesday, April 26th.

Pictured below:  Dr. Alexis Tibbetts, Principal of South Walton High School; Shelly Hinojosa, SWHS Leadership Class Instructor; Kelly Layman, Barbara Bush Foundation; Janet Greeno, St. Joe Foundation; Carrie Chavers, Walton School District Literacy Coach; and Tammy Smith, Principal of Van R. Butler Elementary School.





Teacher and Staff Appreciation week is May 1-5, 2017.   Kindergartners in Mrs. Varner's class at Butler Elementary School recognized the school's front office staff  with a huge banner they created for Office Staff Appreciation Day. "Without You This Place Would be A Zoo!" Submitted by Tammy Smith.

Forty–one fourth and fifth grade student leaders from Maude Saunders Elementary took a field trip to Walton High School to learn about the leadership opportunities they will have when they become Braves.  Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith gave the students a school tour, and representatives from various clubs and organizations talked to the students about the many ways they can become involved in extra-curricular activities in high school.  The highlight of the trip was a special Drone demonstration by the Embry Riddle Aerospace Program, and the opportunity to pose for this aerial photo of the group! Submitted by Krisy Spence.

100% of Mrs. Jessica Dawkins’ WDE second grade students have earned their Accelerated Reader shirt! The school wide second grade goal is 50 points per student, which is approximately 100 books. Students must also maintain an 80% or higher average. This year nine students have exceeded the goal and earned over 100 points, which is about 200 books per student! All students have an A or B average. The class has passed a total of 3,769 tests. We are very proud of our students’ hard work! Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

On Friday, April 14th, West DeFuniak Elementary kindergarten classes had an Easter egg hunt. Parents volunteered to come hide the eggs for each class, then all of the kindergarten classes took turns going out to the playground to search for the eggs. All of the eggs had candy inside, so students really enjoyed trying to find the eggs. Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

First graders create a motivational poster for 3-5 graders taking FSA. They drew bees and colored the message, "We "bee"lieve in you!," to encourage those students to do their best on FSA. Submitted by Elizabeth Gaither.

Kindergarten students have been busy reading this year.  The kindergarten students at West DeFuniak Elementary set a goal of earning 15 Accelerated Reader points for the school year.  That is a least 30 books for each child.  When students earn their goal they are presented an AR shirt on the school Morning Show.  We are so proud of the effort that everyone in Mrs. Donna Timmons’ class has put forth this year.  All 19 students have accomplished and passed their goal.  Several of the students have met their classroom goal of 30 and are working towards 45.  Submitted by Jessiva Dawkins.

Mrs. Kathy Russ' students at Walton Middle School created an edible carrot patch in their Life Skills class to celebrate spring! Submitted by Kristen Rhodes.