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Congratulations to all of our Walton County School District Science and Engineering Fair participants and winners! Over 150 students from all 7 of our Middle and High Schools participated in the Science Fair this year! All projects were judged the evening of December 4th at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center. Students entered projects in the categories of Biology, Engineering, Environmental and Physical Science.

A special thank you to the Hermocallis Society, all of our Judges, teachers, students and families for your involvement. The Science Fair Awards Ceremony was held the evening of December 7th.  The WCSD Science and Engineering Fair Winners are posted below. Thank you all for your participation and hard work!

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Junior Biological - 1st place: Autumn King, Stress: Hot or Not? WMS
Junior Physical - 1st place: Honna Mitchem and Kaylee Aplin, The Great Duct/k Case, Paxton
Junior Environmental - 1st Place: Hailey Sexton, Liquid/Solid, Paxton
Junior Engineering (New Category) - 1st Place: Selina Li, Popsicle Sticks- Will it Catapult? FMS
Senior Biological - 1st Place: Catherine Fields, Curing Acne, SWHS
Senior Physical - 1st Place: Cory LaCour, Ben Woods, Briston Smith, Silver Surfer, WHS
Senior Environmental - 1st Place: Cameron Patrick Hughes, Lighter Concrete Worth the Price? SWHS
Senior Engineering (New Category) - 1st Place: Fisher Marks, Password Security, SWHS

WCSD Science Fair 2017

Junior Biological -2nd Place: Tao Tundidor, Icy Sublimation Summary, FMS
Junior Physical -2nd place: Parker Gilliam, Sailing into Science, ECMS
Junior Environmental - 2nd Place: Lily Gibson, The Science of Soap, ECMS
Junior Engineering (New Category) - 2nd Place: Gage Galloway, Crystal Radio- Will it Work? WMS
Senior Biological - 2nd Place: Drake Pennington, Fuel for Tomorrow, WHS
Senior Physical - 2nd Place: Brandan McManus, What are the effects of tourism rates on student populations in Walton County, SWHS
Senior Environmental - 2nd Place: Connor Gaither, What is in your Water? Paxton
Senior Engineering (New Category) - 2nd Place: Kirsi Midha, What is the effect of varius soils when applying pressure in terms of bearing capacity?, SWHS

WCSD Science Fair 2017

Junior Biological -3rd Place: Olivia Rodgers, Jammin Germs, FMS
Junior Physical - 3rd Place: Nichols Sirman, PrePoultry Paratroopers, ECMS
Junior Environmental - 3rd Place: Isabella Imperial, Let’s Get Salty, ECMS
Junior Engineering (New Category) - 3rd Place: Lawson Kilpatrick, Breaking Bridges, ECMS
Senior Biological - 3rd Place: Emma Marks, How do vitamins effect germination of radish seeds. SWHS
Senior Physical - 3rd Place: Josie Bekkers, How does saltwater effect metals? SWHS
Senior Environmental - 3rd Place: Emily Kuni, Biofilm, SWHS
Senior Engineering (New Category) - 3rd Place: Nicholas Putnam, Jackson Weatherall, and Seth Weinthal How can we make Sea Turles Lights more accessible? SWHS

WCSD Science Fair 2017

Junior Biological - Honorable Mention: Macie Dell, Freeze or Not to Freeze, Paxton & Honorable Mention: Kaelyn Shelton, I wet my pants, ECMS
Junior Physical - Honorable Mention: Alyssa Sutton, What Stains Your Smile? ECMS, Honorable Mention: Hannah King, Which type of wood is more absorbent? WMS, Honorable Mention: Lilli Arthur, How Does Temp Affect Tennis Balls Bounce? FMS, Honorable Mention: Jordan Bradley, Under Armour-Worth It or Not? Paxton, & Honorable Mention: Taylor Pankow, Ramp, FMS
Junior Environmental - Honorable Mention: Emily Casey, Vegetable Power, WMS & Honorable Mention: Daniel McCarthy, Cloud Seeding, WMS
Junior Engineering (New Category) - Honorable Mention: Brianna Mitchem, Light Em Up, Paxton, Honorable Mention: William Morris, Boost Your Home Wi-Fi, WMS, & Honorable Mention: Noel Dahl, Need a Hand, WMS
Senior Biological - Honorable Mention: Annajane Hohn, Fermentation Creation, SWHS & Honorable Mention: Krisslyn McLaney, Amber Law and Andrew Huff, Fuel of the Future, WHS
Senior Physical - Honorable Mention: Riley Marshall, Electric Soil, SWHS, Honorable Mention: Kahl Miller, Beneath The Surface, WHS & Honorable Mention: Aubree Steenhook and Hayley Simmons, Got Voltage? Paxton
Senior Environmental - Honorable Mention: Ashlyn Falk and Candence Perez , Colored Growth, Paxton & Honorable Mention: Tabitha Snow, Plants vs Ph, Paxton
Senior Engineering (New Category) - Honorable Mention: Larry Allison, Can you make a submarine using PVC pipes? FHS

WCSD Science Fair 2017

The Special Award for our two outstanding projects in the area of Botany presented by the Choctawhatchee Hemerocallis Society are:
Ava Black- Best Project in the Area of Botany (Junior Biology)
Hailey Sexton- Best Project in the Area of Botany (Junior Environmental)

WCSD Science Fair 2017

Junior Division Overall Award from Mrs. Carlene H. Anderson in honor of Dr. David Jeselnik
Honna Mitchem and Kaylee Aplin, The Great Duct/k Case, Paxton

WCSD Science Fair 2017

Senior Division Overall Award from Superintendent A. Russell Hughes:  Catherine Fields, Curing Acne, SWHS

WCSD Science Fair 2017

EPIC Medal Recipient from Superintendent A. Russell Hughes: 3rd Place: Isabella Imperial, Let’s Get Salty, ECMS

Submitted by Crystal Appel.

Congratulations to Instructor, Leslie Harrison for being nominated as Teacher of the Year for ECTC. Congratulations to Stephanie Davis for being nominated as Educational Support Professional for ECTC. We are so proud of both of you! Submitted by Carol Rothgeb/FB.

When PHS students arrived to school on Tuesday morning (12/19/2017), they were greeted by a large group of Christmas characters to help them start off the Christmas season. Santa and many of his teaching helpers were on hand.  Superintendent Hughes is quoted as saying "Thanks for creating a great atmosphere for our students! EPIC!"


A video can be seen below:

Submitted by Kalli McMillan.

Congratulations to the four middle school students from Paxton who were selected to participate in the 18th annual Southeastern United States Honor Band held at Troy University December 7-9, 2017!!! Students are (left to right) Marissa Daughtery, Lacey Campbell, Samantha Lee, Riley Hughson.

Submitted by Keitha Bledsoe

Mr. Nathan Hight and the 1st grade students of West DeFuniak Elementary recently entertained parents and teachers with their musical program called Teddy Bear Christmas.  The students wore teddy bear masks and even shared how Christmas would not be the same with one of their loved ones missing.  Santa arrived to everyone's delight and helped save the day.  Check out our Facebook page to view a portion of the program.

Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.