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Superintendent Hughes stopped in at MSE to see great academic work going on in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms.  Math counting and measuring of volumes were standards being covered.  Students were wearing mask and social distance was being honored.  We are doing this TOGETHER; over 86% students in our brick and mortar schools is evidence of our complete collaboration will ALL stakeholders.  EPIC for sure!!!!!  Great job Mrs. Neale, teachers, and staff at MSE!!!!! A great visit today. 

Superintendent Hughes also checked in on our ILDA students while visiting MSE.  WOW our teachers are making it happen!!

MHS students and staff dressed up in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math vocabulary words to show that they are too smart to start! Students chose a STEM word, a word that is related to or used in STEM , and then created a costume to represent that word. Students also made signs to represent and explain their vocabulary word. This activity was part of Red Ribbon Week.

Ms. Kathy Russ believes it is essential to not only teach academic but also practical skills to her students, and that when combined, the two can lead to loads of fun.  This week, students learned about the human body and made noodle skeletons.  They also learned how to bake bread and concoct mummy pizza.  And to add to the excitement, Ms. Russ led the class in making magnetic slime, proving that both learning and fun ooze from her room.

Ms. Estes' art students and Mrs. Matias' Spanish class collaborated to create a beautiful ofrenda in honor of Dia De Los Muertos.  Dia De Los Muertos is observed in Mexico to celebrate the lives of ancestors who have passed.  It is a beautiful holiday full of flowers, art, food and love.  Ms. Estes' students painted plaster masks in the traditional art style, while Mrs. Matias' students developed tourist brochures.  Please enjoy our collaborative ofrenda.  Way to go students!

Superintendent Hughes had the honor of welcoming Chancellor Mack from FLDOE to Walton County and specifically to Emerald Coast Technical College.  We were able to share the valuable work our teachers, staff, and Principal Wyndy Crozier are doing to maintain our number five status for technical colleges in the state of Florida.  One would not believe the phenomenal work, education, and preparation our Nursing students are receiving at ECTC…..EPIC is No Exception to the way we do things at Our Technical College!

We are continuing to monitor Hurricane Zeta.  Our local weather experts have forecasted tropical storm force winds beginning tonight and ending in the early hours of Thursday morning.  With this information, the Walton County School District will continue school as planned for tomorrow, October 29th.  As always, safety is our number one priority.  If you have any safety concerns, absences should be based on the best decision for your family.  We will continue to monitor the weather, and we encourage you to continue to check back on our district website.