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Thanks to a community outreach event sponsored by First Assembly of God Church in DeFuniak Springs through Convoy of Hope, every student at West DeFuniak Elementary received new shoes.  The students were thrilled as volunteers from the church distributed the canvas shoes on December 14, 2015. 

WDE Students Receive Shoes


Submitted by Chelsea Ellison, FMS

Congratulations to Mrs. Balentine's 3rd period class for winning Achieve3000's Read to Succeed contest, the national race to accelerated literacy achievement!

From all the classes in the school who completed Achieve3000 lessons over the contest period, Mrs. Balentine's 3rd period class completed the most. It's proven that the more Achieve3000 lessons students complete, the greater their reading gains, and her students have built remarkable reading gains over the contest period.

Great job, Mrs. Balentine & her 3rd period class!

Submitted by Chelsea Ellison, FMS

Freeport Middle School would like to present the 2015 Tropicana Speech Contest winners. They are as follows:

Fifth Grade: (Pictured with Mr. Morse, left to right)

1st Place: Eanna Rodriguez-Lombardo

2nd Place: Morrigan Burnham

3rd Place: Cassandra Head

Congratulations to Eanna Rodriguez-Lombardo, who was awarded "Most Persuasive" for her speech entitled, "The ABC's of Me" at the District Level.

FMS 6th Grade Tropicana Winners

Sixth Grade: (Pictured with Mr. Morse, left to right)

1st Place: Anni Rachels

2nd Place: Sydni Free

3rd Place: Abby Hamman

Submitted by Kendra Peloquin, FMS

Fifth grade students at Freeport Middle School are giving to their community to parallel the efforts of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.  Students are collecting toys to donate to the Professional Fire Fighters of Walton County I.A.F.F. Local 4413 for local families and animal supplies for Alaqua Animal Refuge and The Lucky Puppy Rescue.  After creating and implementing the project, students will sign their names to the Declaration of Independence at and receive a printed copy to take home. 


WMS Science Fair Winners

December 14, 2015

WMS Science Fair Winners

By Cathy Mosley

    Walton County held the annual Science Fair competition Wednesday, December 9. The projects were judged at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center. The winners were announced at the awards ceremony held Thursday, December 10, at 6 p.m. at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center. Walton Middle School is proud to announce that the following students were winners.

   In the Junior Biological Division - Madison Phillips won Third Place. Tinsley Abbott, Kaitlyn Drake and Brooke Spicers won Honorable Mention.    In the Junior Physical Science Division - Kage McMahon won Second Place. Jared Heady won Third Place and Ethan McKee and Atterol Walters won Honorable Mention.

Science Fair Winners
Pictured Top row (L to R) Brooke Spicer Jared Heady Kage McMahon Ethan McKee Bottom row (L to R) Atterol Walters Kaitlyn Drake Tinsley Abbott Madison Phillips

4th Grade Topicana Speech Winners5th Grade Topicana Speech Winners

The first place winner in the 4th grade division was Raleigh Reed who delivered a speech entitled “My Pet Goat, Little Bit.”  Second place winner was Aubriyah Smith “Gods and Goddesses.”  Third place winner was Zoe Orange “Diabetes.”  4th grade contestants also placed in the following awards:  Honorable Mention, Auburn Hamer “Happiness Is…,” Most Informative Piper Kurfurst “Polar Bears,” Most Entertaining Steele Marshall “My Three Year Old Grandpa,” and Most Persuasive Amelia Dykes “Why I have a Love/Hate Relationship with my Siblings.” 


The first place winner in the 5th grade division was MacKenzie Campbell who delivered a speech entitled “My Pet Goat, Little Bit.”  Second place winner was Hannah Shoaf “Living Life Fun-Sized.”  Third place winner was Ava Adkinson “My Dad:  Tough or Teddy.”  5th grade contestants also placed in the following categories:  Honorable Mention Eanna Rodriguez-Lombardo “The ABC’s of Me,” Most Informative Riley Parmeley “Vocal Cord Polyps,” Most Entertaining Duncan Crittenden “Why Do Song Lyrics Not Make Sense?,” and Most Persuasive Morgan Reynolds “Life Beyond Technology.”


The first place winner in the 6th grade division was McCaid Paul who delivered a speech entitle “The Day the Ever Ready Bunny Went Down.”  Second place winner was Haylee Hayes “The English Language.”  Third place winner was Haley Permenter “North and South.”  6th grade contestants also placed in the following categories:  Honorable Mention Lily Jameson “All Wrapped Up,” Most Informative Emma Salinas “Life with Diabetes,” Most Entertaining Foley Barrett “Babysitting,” and Most Persuasive Sara Thompson “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Tropicana Speech Contest News Release

West DeFuniak K-Kids work diligently from August to December  to raise money for their Christmas Angels.  The group, then, goes on a shopping trip with their lists to make sure these wishes come true. What excitement for these Angels on Christmas morning!

-Pam Leavins, WDE

West DeFuniak Elementary had an impressive display of 159  Science Fair projects this year. Judging of the projects took place this week at school.  The students were judged on their presentation, science boards, and knowledge of their subject.

 Winners for Third Grade Biologica Divisionl:  1st place—Fisher Burgess, 2nd place—Lavaris Randle, 3rd place—Maya Abbott

Winners for Third Grade Physical Division:  1st place—John Grimes, 2nd place—Jacob Wood, 3rd place—Jackson Davis

 Winners for Fourth Grade Biological Division:  1st place—Addison Cook, 2nd place—Raleigh Reed, 3rd place—Graison Dorr

Winners for Fourth Grade Physical Division:  1st place—Chris Laird, 2nd place—Aaron Wilmoth, 3rd place—Audrey Nelson

Winners for Fifth Grade Biological Division:  1st place—Phylicia Hooks, 2nd place—Fisher Gainey, 3rd place—Cooper Douglass, Honorable Mention—Gracie Wood

Winners for Fifth Grade Physical Division:  1st place—Hannah Shoaf, 2nd place—Matthew Wilson, 3rd place—Christopher Leath, Honorable Mention—Laney Kelley, Honorable Mention—Jaden Wallace, Honorable Mention—Brantley Betts

Principals Award—Kimberly Glenn

-Pam Leavins, WDE


WDE 4th grade science fair winnersWDE 3rd grade science fair winners 


Fifth Grade Picture back row left to right:  Brantley Betts, Jaden Wallace, Laney Kelley (not pictured), Christopher Leath, Matthew Wilson, Hannah Shoaf (not pictured) Fifth Grade front row left to right:  Gracie Wood, Cooper Douglass, Fisher Gainey, Phylicia Hooks, Kimberly Glenn

Fourth Grade Picture back row left to right:  Audrey Nelson, Aaron Wilmoth, Chris Laird; Fourth Grade Picture front left to right:  Graison Dorr, Raleigh Reed, Addison Cook

Third Grade Picture back row left to right:  Jackson Davis, Jacob Wood, John Grimes; Third Grade Picture front row left to right:  Maya Abbott, Lavaris Randle, Fisher Burgess