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With proactive mindsets, eighteen Walton Middle School teachers joined together and rolled up their sleeves on June 9th and 10th to tackle data head-on to seek solutions to accelerate student learning. After a straightforward but inspiring pep talk by Principal Jason Campbell, teachers analyzed and interpreted K12 Lift data reports, looking for schoolwide, grade level, subject area, classroom, and individual student trends. In activities facilitated by instructional coach Kristen Nelson, WMS teachers from all content areas used the wise words of Maya Angelou to guide their thought work over the course of the two days: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” As teachers gained knowledge from data and research, they charted it on a giant “Know Better” poster on the front wall. Then as they learned and brainstormed ideas and actions they could take to accelerate student growth, they noted those insights on a “Do Better” poster. Yellow post-it notes full of statistics, quotes, and ideas abounded throughout the room. Teachers collaborated about challenging but meaningful topics centered around one essential goal—setting ALL students on the path to success. Through the “think tank” style professional development session, teachers offered one another powerful and research-based ideas for school improvement in the 2021-22 school year. As Assistant Principal Scott Hulion thoughtfully listened, teachers explored how the data can now drive their professional learning, parent involvement, deliberate practice, classroom instruction, and curriculum decisions and initiatives as they move forward. Though students weren’t in the school building this week, they remained the beating heart of their administrators’ and teachers’ work. Though the summer is still young, the Warrior tribe already looks forward to the upcoming school year.

WHAT is STEM Discovery Expedition 2021? • FREE, three-day VIRTUAL event during which students take part in hands-on STEM expeditions online from any location! Students will work with instructors during live online sessions. • Opportunities to build, design, problem solve, write code, analyze materials, and get creative, all while learning and doing STEM with amazing presenters! • The majority of hands-on activities will require that students use items they already have access to at home. • At least thirty learning sessions, each an hour-long, from which to choose. Students may attend as many as they wish. • Learning will occur in a secure environment in which student identities will be hidden and chat comments will not be public; instead, they’ll go directly to a teacher who is managing the meeting room.

HOW do I join the expedition? • REGISTRATION OPENS THURSDAY, MAY 27. 2021. • Go to • Click on the “create an account” tab at the top of the page. • Complete the account information. • You will be able to see the complete list and descriptions of Expeditions and register for those in which you want to take part.

Click the link below for more information.  

Dune Lakes Elementary School celebrated their fifth graders in a promotion ceremony on Monday, May 24th. Students and guests were welcomed to an outdoor ceremony on the school’s north lawn and basketball courts where each student was presented a certificate of promotion to sixth grade. 

Fifth grade student Levi Peterson read poem “Let No One Steal Your Dreams” by Paul Cookson, the school choir, the Sandpiper Singers, sang a piece from their Spring Concert.

 An extra special thank you to Sandpiper Boosters who secured Epic Photo, Co. to provide a complimentary photo for each student with their family. 

Principal Chavers left students with thoughtful remarks like “look up” from your device or screen to be present in life happening around you and to be kind to one another. 

While the 2020-2021 fifth grade class was the second to promote to sixth grade from the new campus, opened in 2019, it was the first to be formally recognized in an on campus ceremony.  

Our Dune Lakes family is so proud of this fifth grade class and wish them the very best as they prepare for middle school!  

All school year, WMS seventh grade Civics teachers Mrs. Katie Williams and Ms. Regina Messer have worked hard to impart a strong civic education to their students. Throughout the year, students developed the following key understandings: the principles, functions and organization of government; the origins of the American political system; the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens; and the methods for actively participating in our political system. To review all of these essential concepts at the end of the year, Mrs. Williams and Ms. Messer designed a variety of collaborative learning opportunities for students, allowing them to put their heads together to think deeply about real world applications of their learning. At the beginning of May, seventh grade Civics students demonstrated their knowledge and understanding on the Civics end-of-course exam (EOC). Thanks to their teachers’ dedicated preparation and the students’ hard work, WMS seventh graders were well equipped for success on not only the EOC but also for their futures as United States citizens.

Due to inclement weather the afternoon of STEM has been cancelled.  

An afternoon of STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

June 19th 2021

1 – 4 pm 

Watch robots and drones operate

Drive a robot through an obstacle course

Program a robot

Build and launch water rocket

Learn about STEM activities in your area

Click the link below for more information.  

Fun Day at WDE!

May 24, 2021

Superintendent Hughes stopped in at WDE to do the last drop-off of the 20-21 school year Friday.  Students were excited that there is three days left in school.  They were embarking on the beginning of Fun Day with games and competition with classmates and class spans!  Also, had a chance to say thanks to Ms. Debra Hill on her retirement after 30+ at WDE!  EPIC is the way even on FUN DAY!  2 more days!  #hungongainedon