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WISE center EPIC reopening for teachers. A beautiful mind and a healthy body is our 2020-2021 theme. With principal Jonathan D’Avignon serving up lessons on unity, relationships, compassion and communication. Teachers returning with a volley of excitement and laughter.

WISE center professionals participated in a real time Microsoft Teams meeting with Dr. Louis D’Avignon, critical care pulmonologist of Bend Oregon and Dr. Laurie D’Avignon, Col. USAF, infectious disease specialist. The Microsoft Teams meeting was an interactive discussion concerning best practices, best results and WISE decisions for our staff, students, parents and community.

To the parents of the Walton County School District:


As August begins and teachers are welcomed back on Monday, I would like to provide several updates regarding the re-opening of schools.

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Marching Braves Band

July 30, 2020

Superintendent Hughes stopped in to check on the Marching Braves Band. As August 17th approaches, our students continue to practice what is our new way of education; social distancing and staying hydrated with individual water containers while taking care of business. Looking good, sounding good and being good never looked so good! Thanks Mr. Muller and the Braves Band for getting us ready by getting ready! 

PS- Love the Mist Tent.

This is just a reminder that Student Intent Forms are still available on the scroll.  If you have not completed yours, please do so at your earliest convenience.  We are still in need of  approximately 2,000.  Completing your form allows for planning and preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.  Thank you for all of your support.

Superintendent Hughes stopped in at SWHS to see the Seahawk Band getting ready even in these circumstances. Don’t know how it’s all going to happen but Band Director, Mr. Escamilla and the Marching Seahawks are ready when IT HAPPENS! #wecandothis!

Superintendent A. Russell Hughes has announced that the Walton County School District (WCSD) start date for students will change to Monday, August 17th, which represents a one-week change.  All WCSD employees will still report as scheduled. 


The change in start date has been made for three reasons.  First, by bringing faculty and staff back as planned, the WCSD will be able to provide additional training days for employees on topics such as health, safety, and the WCSD’s new Innovative Learning Digital Academy (ILDA).  Second, schools will have time to create and train with innovative strategies, such as modified block scheduling, which can help decrease traffic and exposure in schools.  Finally, the WCSD has ordered additional computers, which includes a one-to-one initiative for all middle school students, and the week will allow for computer preparations, imaging, and etc.


As always, the number one priority of the WCSD is safety, and this adjustment will ensure the health, safety, and efficiency of our district and for your students.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

La Junta Escolar de Walton County (Walton County School Board) les pide a nuestras familias que se comprometan a una de tres opciones educativas para sus hijos/alumnos para el semestre de otoño del año académico 2020 – 2021.  Nuestro objetivo es recibir respuestas confirmadas de todas las familias para el 20 de julio.  La elección de abajo será un compromiso de semestre a semestre.  Los padres/tutores necesitarán completar un (1) Formulario Estudiantil de Intención para el Año Académico 2020-2021 para cada alumno en su casa. 
The WCSD is asking our families to commit to one of the three educational options for their children/students for the fall semester of the 2020-2021 school year.  Our goal is to have confirmed feedback from all families by July 20. The below decision will be a semester-by-semester commitment. Parents/guardians will need to complete one Student Intent Form for the 2020-21 School Year for each student in their household. 

Superintendent A. Russell Hughes will hold a live virtual town hall to discuss the WCSD Re-opening Plan with a live Q & A session. 

Monday, July 13, 2020

6:00-7:15 p.m.

Graduation Update

July 9, 2020

There has been MISINFORMATION about in person graduation ceremonies for WCSD schools.  They have not been cancelled to date; we still PLAN to have those graduations as rescheduled in May.  There will be some restrictions and guidelines as safety is forever a priority.  Look for those specifics/details from your schools or administrators the early part of next week. 

Thank you