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Robotics Club- Sponsor Mr. Komando

Robotics Update from Mr. Komando 1/26/21

Hello Robotics Team Students!
ARC starts this week with the release of example code and a getting started guide: Getting Started Guide
I want to encourage all of you to participate in this year's virtual ARC. This year, we are trying to take advantage of the necessity of being virtual by focusing heavily on the autonomous portion as well as having teams design on paper a drone. We understand that programming can seem scary to many; so we've brought in the use of DroneBlocks to help make learning programming more visual and interactive with video lectures to walk through programming the drone. Teams will be asked to design computer code, and the judges will run the code on drones in April. Whichever team's code performs the best wins, and teams will receive lessons/practice sessions to test out their code in February and March. We want to make this as fun and safe as possible, and this is what we have decided to do this year! 
Because of the virtual nature of this competition, we are decreasing the cost to participate to $100 (due Feb. 14th). The money goes towards giving teams access to DroneBlocks, funding the drones that will run your code, as well as funding prize money pool. Because of the virtual nature of the competition, you will be competing nationally: against teams in California, New England, and around the US! This promises to be an exciting competition!
Competition starts this week:  you can find more information and a full schedule here:
ARC will hold the first lecture on Feb. 5th where we'll go over Python as well as drone design.
For teams that already want to get started, here is a getting started guide: 
Getting Started Guide. We'll be updating that as the competition goes on. There is also a slack chat that we've created for the competition. Please join if you are interested in participating!
We need to start meeting for this competition.
We should meet after school and possibly during lunch.

Jan. 26th 2021: Competition begins

Feb 5th 2021: Getting Started with Python + Quadcopter design lecture

Feb 28th 2021: Tello drone test session: Code due

March 5th 2021: Python + Tello Design Iteration Example

March 31st 2021: Tello drone test session: Code due

April 16th 2021: Code and presentation due

Week of April 28th 2021: Zoom Presentations with Teams/Judging of code

May 10th 2021: Winners announced

Let's have some fun!
Mr. Komando
Congrats to Mr. Komando and the FIRST Robotics Competition Team on receiving a $1000 grant for competition registration!
Congrats to Mr. Komando and the FIRST Robotics Competition Team on receiving a $450 NASA grant!

Girls Who Code Club- Sponsor Mr. Komando

STEAM Train- Sponsor Mrs. Dickerson

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STEAM TRAIN is a student produced annual publication of the Magnet Innovation Center. The publication is a combination of a yearbook and original entries in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students are assigned leadership positions based on prior knowledge and experience. Given assigned leadership positions, students are responsible for page layout, artistic design, and/or photography. Students learn how to create an original publication through writing, photography, and other professional journalism skills. Students improve their listening, speaking, and organizational skills as a result of collaborative work with their peers. Students are expected to recruit original writers and designers, sell advertisements, and promote both the print and online version of STEAM TRAIN.