Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is now closed.

A face-to-face meeting must be scheduled with the student, parent(s), and administrator to discuss the required paperwork and scheduling before the student can be enrolled.

Middle and high school students must enroll in a minimum of six courses. Please refer to Walton County School District’s Student Progression Plan. If enrolling during the school year, the current nine week grades a student has for this semester will not transfer. The student will have to begin the semester over again.

The student will need to return to the zoned school for all Florida state required assessments, i.e., Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), EOC (End of Course) exams, etc.

Please keep in mind that once a student is 20% or more behind, a conference with the parent and student will be required to discuss continued enrollment in Walton Virtual School.

Enrollment in Walton Virtual School will continue from year to year unless a formal withdrawal is requested and documentation is completed by the parent or guardian.  

Free or Reduced-price Meal Application

Please complete the online Free or Reduced-price Meal Application.

All students in the Walton County School District will be provided FREE breakfast and lunch meals for the 2021-22 school year. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has extended waivers that allow Walton County Schools to operate under our commitment to provide safe, healthy meals free of charge to children as the pandemic continues to disrupt the food and nutrition security of our most vulnerable. Parents are asked to continue to fill out meal applications online or paper even though meals are FREE. The percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals provides funding for supplemental services in high-need areas. To continue to provide additional curriculum and extension of free meals, application completion by families is extremely important. Please remember, only one application is needed per household.

For Walton Virtual School Students, this information is used to determine if qualifications are met for the use of a district device.

Please complete the online application by clicking the image below.

EZ MealApp

Additional information can be found on the Food Services Department website.

Course Change Form

Per the Student Progression Plan, all class changes must be made within 10 school days into a new semester. Please complete all sections of the form, including a parent/guardian signature, and email to

Schedule Change Request Form.pdf (60.4 KBs)

Withdrawal Form

To process your student's withdrawal, please complete all highlighted sections of the form and email to

WCSD Withdrawal Form - Elementary.pdf (536.8 KBs)

WCSD Withdrawal Form - Secondary.pdf (525.0 KBs)