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Kathryn Benson

Named Administrator of Magnet Programs


This week, the Walton County School District announced Kathryn Benson as an Administrator of Magnet Programs. She will serve the students of the Magnet Innovation Center at St. Joe WaterSound, providing leadership, direction, creation, and support for current and future magnet programs in Walton County.


As the daughter of a teacher and a minister, Ms. Benson has been surrounded by education and people who passionately support it her entire life. She has served as a teacher in Florida and internationally on mission. During her time as a high school teacher and college instructor, she taught across multiple subject areas in remedial through advance courses, helping boost the high school’s grade and significantly improve its graduation rate by working tirelessly to serve her students’ best interests. After serving in the classroom, she was tapped for school administration to amplify her in support of every student within the school. As an administrator, Ms. Benson has worked as an Assistant Principal of both a middle school in Nassau County and elementary school in Marion County.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, supporting and participating in the arts, and cheering on her beloved Gators.


Ms. Benson shared, “I am thrilled to be a part of the Walton County School family and am excited to serve the students of the best school district in the state! I’ve been impressed with the remarkable achievements the students and staff of WCSD have accomplished under the inspiring leadership of Superintendent Hughes and his team. The paradigm WCSD had created in partnership with St. Joe for world-class magnet programming has astounding results.  These magnet programs bolster student engagement in relevant skill instruction that equips students to be the best candidates for college and career endeavors immediately upon graduation, which is life-changing for students and strengthens our phenomenal community even further. I very much look forward to cultivating partnerships with our community in the coming days, months, and years ahead as we soar to heights unparalleled together in service of our students.”


Please join Superintendent A. Russell Hughes in welcoming Ms. Kathryn “Kate” Benson to Walton County and the Magnet Innovation Center at St. Joe WaterSound.

School Transportation

August 27, 2021

Hello Seahawks and Parents,

We will post bus routes as soon as we have them from WCSD Transporation.  You can always check the school district website at for the most current information.  Also, if you need transportation please confirm this on the FOCUS Transportation to be assigned a route/to pick a spot.

South Walton High School is proud to be a recipient of CollegeBoard's Female Diversity Award for AP Computer Science Principles. Schools receiving this award have expanded women’s participation in the course and closed the gender gap among students.  Research shows that female students who take APCSP in high school are more than 5x as likely to major in computer science in college.

SWHS is 1 of 47 schools in Florida to receive this award! 

Seahawk parents and students, we are continuing to register new students daily and waiting for parents to select an educational option for next school year; due to these factors we are unable to go final with our master schedule until next week.  Parents/families/students should go to the Walton County Website and make your Student Intent selection immediately if you have not done so already.  We cannot schedule orientations (either virtually or in person) until our master schedule is complete and that cannot be done until all students are entered into a program.  Once your course selections for next year become final (sometime during the week of August 10 - 14) and classes are assigned to specific teachers for specific periods, we will be able to push out your schedule to you in your FOCUS accounts.  Following that, you can view the virtual orientations for each of your classes in TEAMS; this should be August 13 - 16.  Only new to Walton County students (those registering after March 11, 2020) will have an in-house orientation.  Details of that orientation will be sent to them individually.  2019-2020 Walton County eighth graders toured our school and visited classrooms last year so they will participate in virtual orientation; additionally these incoming freshmen will be contacted by Link Leaders prior to school starting.      

First Semester Schedule

The WCSD would like to thank all parents who completed the Student Intent Form which was provided as an online survey during the month of July. We appreciate your declaration of your child’s educational intent for the fall semester. This notification enables us to better prepare to welcome your child on Monday, August 17th.

For parents who did not complete a Student Intent Form, the WCSD will prepare and firmly assume your child will attend a brick and mortar classroom. As a district, we have received 9,000 Student Intent Forms; however, we are still lacking approximately 1,700 forms. These intent forms also allow the district to create bus routes that will place 48 students or less on a bus, so to date, the district has only planned routes for those parents who have requested their child be a bus rider via our intent forms.

For parents who have completed forms, approximately 900 parents have indicated that their child will attend Walton Virtual School (WVS); however, only 250 of those 900 families have followed up with WVS. To attend WVS, families must withdraw from their current school and enroll in WVS. If parents have not enrolled in WVS by Wednesday, August 12th, WCSD will also prepare and firmly assume those children will attend the district’s other distance learning option, the Innovative Learning Digital Academy (ILDA). The benefits of ILDA is that students can remain enrolled in their current school.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Questions can be text to our district at any time at 850.204.9667. To follow up with WVS, please email [email protected], and/or any school can be reached by calling 850.892.1100. Thank you for supporting us as we prepare to welcome all students back on Monday, August 17th.

The WCSD is asking our families to commit to one of the three educational options for their children/students for the fall semester of the 2020-2021 school year.  Our goal is to have confirmed feedback from all families by July 20. The below decision will be a semester-by-semester commitment. Parents/guardians will need to complete one Student Intent Form for the 2020-21 School Year for each student in their household.