Seahawk parents and students, we are continuing to register new students daily and waiting for parents to select an educational option for next school year; due to these factors we are unable to go final with our master schedule until next week.  Parents/families/students should go to the Walton County Website and make your Student Intent selection immediately if you have not done so already.  We cannot schedule orientations (either virtually or in person) until our master schedule is complete and that cannot be done until all students are entered into a program.  Once your course selections for next year become final (sometime during the week of August 10 - 14) and classes are assigned to specific teachers for specific periods, we will be able to push out your schedule to you in your FOCUS accounts.  Following that, you can view the virtual orientations for each of your classes in TEAMS; this should be August 13 - 16.  Only new to Walton County students (those registering after March 11, 2020) will have an in-house orientation.  Details of that orientation will be sent to them individually.  2019-2020 Walton County eighth graders toured our school and visited classrooms last year so they will participate in virtual orientation; additionally these incoming freshmen will be contacted by Link Leaders prior to school starting.      

First Semester Schedule